Montreal Stock Exchange

The Montréal Exchange now opens its market at 2:00 a.m. Eastern Time. The Exchange has successfully established itself as Canada’s benchmark and while it is undoubtedly a strong local exchange, the need for Canadian listed derivatives is growing globally and market participants’ needs are changing.

The Montréal Exchange has decided to extend its trading hours in order to continue to grow its markets and address the needs of participants and end-users. This initiative intends to accommodate trading and risk management needs globally, by allowing domestic and international clients to manage their exposure to Canadian markets and execute cross-market strategies during non-regular Canadian business hours. By extending its trading hours, the Exchange aims to foster and enhance transparency and price discovery while increasing market participation, which in turn is expected to enhance market depth and liquidity on its listed derivatives, over the long-term. This will ultimately benefit the Canadian listed derivatives market and its participants overall. Extended trading hours also help the Montréal Exchange expand globally, diversify its existing client base, as well as develop new liquidity centers.