Beliss Corp (OTC:BLIS) Takes the Leap in Creating Treasure Wreck & Recovery Corp; Drawing International Attention.

Yesterday (June 18, 2019), Beliss Corp. (OTC: BLIS) announced that it has entered into the historical shipwreck treasure recovery business and will be changing its name to Treasure Wreck Recovery & Research Corp. A FINRA name and ticker change will allow the company to push forward with its ambitious venture into the surging industry of Treasure Wreck Recovery. A preliminary agreement with a renowned pioneer in the shipwreck treasure business is in place, and will most likely be seeking TV and Documentary lines of business.

Investors are largely unaware of the impact this type of business can have, as analysts are urging investors to look into some recent examples of similar companies, the companies research objectives, and what kind of numbers they can produce for a parent company. Just recently, more than $50 million worth of gold bars, coins, and dust that’s been found by a similar endeavour sitting at the bottom of the ocean for more than 150 years. The 3,100 gold coins, 45 gold bars and more than 80 pounds (36 kilograms) of gold dust recovered from the wreckage of the S.S. Central America steamship are now sitting in a makeshift laboratory just south of Los Angeles.

“This is something that in hundreds of years people will still be talking about, reading about, looking back on and collecting things from,” “There’s no other ships that sank that haven’t been recovered that rival this or are similar to this, so it’s really a once-in-a-lifetime situation.”

This is the type of end product Beliss Corp. will be aiming towards, and some analysts are already drawing comparisons to other sea-based research facilities who have uncovered millions in precious metals.

Chief scientist Bob Evans looks at gold bars recovered from the S.S. Central America steamship that went down in a hurricane in 1857 in a laboratory Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, in Santa Ana, Calif. More than $50 million worth of gold bars, coins and dust described as the greatest lost treasure in U.S. history is about to make its public debut in California.

Another example can be seen with a treasure company and hunter Tommy Thompson after he found a ship in 1988 after convincing 161 local investors to fund the voyage for nearly $13 million. In the end, Thompson and his investors found and sold 532 gold bars and thousands of coins to the California Gold Marketing Group for about $50 million in 2000.

While the company waits for BLIS to set up its facilities and partnerships, Beliss Corp. will maintain its interest in gaming development. This is a very interesting time for the company, as they just entering the market, with the market cap adjusted accordingly, share price should rise significantly from each step forward the company makes. This is based on the factorial design of the share structure with its market cap. International and high profile investors are always looking for endeavours like this, similar to the large number of investors who backed Tommy Thompson back in 1988, many of them were internationally known.

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